Huang Si Hong

Professor Huang Si Hong is the father of Manna Huang and is a nationally acclaimed artist in China. Achieving fame and recognition for his work in both painting and competitive dance, Prof. Huang became a prominent figure in the art world in the 1970s and 1980s.

Commissioned by many famous Chinese figures such as opera singer Hung Sien Lui, actress Li Ching, Prof. Huang’s art has proven to be worth admiration and praise. His art and competitive dancing have won several awards, including Provincial Artist Exhibition Award in 1959 for his painting INDONESIAN LADY and Best Dancer at the International Ballroom Dancing Competition in Berth in 1980.

He has partaken in numerous art shows and exhibitions, such as the China National Arts Exhibition in 1969, several Solo Painting Exhibitions at the Hong Kong City Hall in the seventies, and an art exhibition at the Toronto Sein Yah Hein Gallery in 1992. His art has been praised from moguls of the Chinese arts industry such as Sir Run Run Shaw, Bruce Lee, and Chang Dai Chien, the latter whom he has collaborated with in a famous calligraphy and painting partnership twice.

Prof. Huang specializes in both traditional Chinese and contemporary western art styles, ranging from ink drawings to oil painting impressionism. His versatility in style and vision contribute to the hundreds of paintings in his collection that continue to impress and inspire.